Possible to see who seeks for your tax roll

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As something of an exception from the rest of the world, the general public in Norway have traditionally been entitled to check the tax rolls of any taxpayer, initially on paper at the Tax Office but since shortly after 2000 also on the Internet. The grounds for the scheme are the assumption that it makes tax-dodging more difficult and that the ordinary taxpayer will be able gain more insight into the true effect of the taxation system. However, the scheme has been much criticised on the grounds of invasion of privacy and the danger of such information being used by burglars and extortionists.

In the proposition to Parliament for the Revised National Budget the Government has now submitted a proposal that information on who has sought in the tax rolls for a particular taxpayer will be made available electronically for the taxpayer in question at www.skatteetaten.no.

According to the proposal the change will take effect for the tax rolls for 2013, which will be laid out in the autumn of 2014.

The press and some organisations will continue to receive the tax rolls from the Tax Administration. Searches made by such organs in the electronic rolls will not be visible for the taxpayers. However, a list over the press organs having received the rolls will be published.