Amendments of the whistle blower rules

The Parliament has today unanimously adopted the Government’s proposal for amendments of the Working Environment Act regarding whistle blowing. The purpose of the amendments is to simplify the whistleblowing process and to make whistleblowing safer. The legislative changes follow up the preparatory work, NOU 2018:6 and clarify the personal scope

Green Paper on new Civil Services Act

The Ministry of Justice and Public Security has submitted a report and a legislative proposal  regarding the Civil Service for consultation. The report, NOU 2019: 5, includes a draft Bill for a new Civil Service Act to replace the current Act from 1967. The rules on consideration of cases remain

Proposal to legislate the circumvention norm in tax law

The Ministry of Finance proposes to legislate the unwritten circumvention rule in tax law. The proposal is largely based on the unwritten rule, but nevertheless entails some change.  The circumvention rule has been developed through long-term practice, and is intented to create a boundary between acceptable tax planning and unacceptable

Consultation on New Rules for Intellectual Property Rights

The Ministry of Culture has submitted a White Paper regarding amendments of the Intellectual Property Rights Act on consultation. The proposal will ensure the implementation of the EU Regulation on Portability. The Portability Regulation contains rules that ensure that subscribers of portable online content services can access these services while on temporary residence outside of

Consultation on New Rules for Contract Labour

The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs has submitted a report by the Whistleblowing Committee regarding whistleblowing at the workplace for consultation. The report contains several measures that are intended to strengthen the protection of whistleblowers in the Norwegian workforce. Some of the most important measures suggested in the report