How we work
We emphasize that the distance between client and lawyer should be short, and that the client can assume that he can usually relate to one attorney. The client is not routinely met with a large team of attorneys even if sometimes it is appropriate that more than one attorney is working on the case.

At the same time it is to the advantage of our clients that we collaborate closely internally on an informal basis so that our combined experience and expertise can be put to use in individual cases. We also collaborate with auditors, appraisers and other consultants in cases where it is appropriate.

Key areas of our practice
We have extensive experience with tax law issues, especially in connection with mergers, demergers and transformations as well as transactions and generational transfers. We also work extensively with company law, trade and commerce law (agency, franchise and distribution law), labour law and general law of contracts.

General assistance within business law
We also have long-lasting experience with general business law and render services i.a. within the following other business law areas:
• Construction law
• Real estate law
• Liability insurance
• Litigation
• Purchase and sale of businesses
• Public procurement
• Excise law
• Competition law